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Help clients build resilience in unique ways!

An Online Course for Mental Health Professionals & Helping Professionals to help you:

  • Gain new techniques to teach your clients to self-soothe and self-regulate, and to relieve a range of distressing emotions, with proven, evidence-based techniques that reset the autonomic nervous system in a trauma-informed approach.

  • Use creative activities that move clients closer towards a central brain balance and help them to access flow states and more of their potential. This supports them in discovering how they are uniquely oriented, connecting them with a sense of purpose, to get better outcomes.

  • Cultivate essential life skills like problem-solving, decision-making, self-regulation, social and emotional intelligence skills using experiential activities designed to keep clients engaged,

    even those who don't respond well to traditional therapies or treatments!

This course is approved by the National Association of Social Workers and has been designed for social workers, school psychologists, licensed professional counselors, and other mental health and helping professionals.

Become a part of a growing trend by adding RESET for Wellness to your resume and repertoire.

The wellness industry is on the rise & has grown 18% in the last few years & this trend is expected to continue. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a pioneer in the field, with field-tested & science-backed techniques & activities in this proven system. RESET for Wellness includes 30 experiential techniques & activities from 6 different disciplines.

A Proven System that's Field-tested   & Verified by Data Collection

If you're interested in a unique, creative, and experiential approach that helps your clients get better results, and you're a mental health or helping professional who's interested in trying a holistic approach, then this course is exactly what you're looking for! The techniques and activities included in RESET for Wellness are validated by medical, psychological, and social work research. This course will help your clients build essential life skills in an engaging way and will help them to discover more of themselves as they reorient from a less empowered state to a more resourceful and empowered one through experiential techniques.

(Infographic, right) Data collected on stress biomarkers was conducted at Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc. in 2018-2019.

Introducing Dianne Fanti

Professionally, Dianne began teaching in community settings in 1993. A perennial student of life, she holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in branches of the Integrated Health Sciences, and more than 10 certificates in therapeutic and expressive art modalities. She is also a published author. Having originally taught her program to those who were in life transitions and getting good results with clients, her colleagues the social workers asked her to put her program into a teacher-training course and RESET for Wellness was born.

Personally, while overcoming notable challenges in adolescence, Dianne instinctively turned towards the healing and expressive arts for comfort and support, when little else was available to her. Having changed her life dramatically, she understood how to help others do the same. She has since helped hundreds of people experiencing adversity or undergoing life transitions to cultivate their essential life skills and to discover how they are uniquely aimed and oriented, so they too can create a life that's more personally meaningful and rewarding for them. She has been teaching and training mental health professionals since 2010.

What Professionals Are Saying

"RESET for Wellness is an inspiring program, full of hope, that has it all! It easily engages you into helping people not only to perform so much better in life, but also to learn how they can reach a state of joy and well-being through fun, flowing, and creative activities, to know themselves and increase self-confidence, it trains you to create community and ultimately, helps people tap into that higher consciousness that we all innately have, that we most long for and are searching for. I can't wait to apply it with the group and the community of people living with chronic illness with which I currently work."

Shulamit Lando, M.A.,

Mind-Body Therapist

"Dianne Fanti, the creator of RESET for Wellness, has synthesized her experience into a form that's professional, useful, and applicable. I don't think there's anything like it out there for any population. It's unique, clear, creative, and a true gift to the profession and humanity."

Lakshmi Linda Sorois, MA, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

"RESET for Wellness is a curriculum which would benefit most social workers and mental health workers in providing support to a wide variety of clients. Although it was originally developed for those experiencing homelessness, I see benefits for a wider population of clients, including those with trauma histories (so many of our clients) ...This curriculum lays out a basis for learning how to best present these (skills: self-regulation, decision-making, and problem-solving) in a variety of settings with nearly universal application to clients as they present for services."  

Kathleen Lyons Conrad, LCSW,

Child and Family 




This Continuing Education course has been designed with you, the professional, in mind for your convenience & ease. You'll have ongoing access to 6 Online Modules & The Companion Workbook.


Become a part of a growing trend ~ the wellness industry is on the rise & has risen 18% in the last few years & this trend is expected to continue! The foundational course of RESET for Wellness includes 30 different techniques & activities from 6 different disciplines!


Help your clients to embark on a path of self-discovery using Evidence-Based Techniques & Activities from the Healing & Expressive Arts & Holistic Health Sciences! You'll help clients learn ways to naturally regulate their nervous system as they release distressing emotions, access both brain hemispheres, discover ways to invoke a peak flow state, & discover how they are uniquely aimed & oriented for better outcomes.

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If you're ready for a proven system that you can call upon repeatedly with easy access when working with clients, that goes beyond traditional holistic approaches like mindfulness or yoga to support noticeable changes in your clients outlook and , join us in this growing movement! 

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